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Our bully sticks are made from a single ingredient: 100% beef pizzle muscle from grass-fed cattle. They are an all-natural, high-protein treat that provide many benefits for your Pup while satisfying their need to chew.

Some of these benefits:

Healthy nutrition

Cleans teeth and gums

Supports brain, muscle, and skin health

Our dog treats are all fully digestible and safe for chewing, unlike rawhide bones which can splinter and become lodged in a dog’s intestines.

Yes, indeed! We know Pups have different preferences and needs, so we offer a variety of treats. Thin sticks are best for puppies and light chewers while thicker treats are ideal for more aggressive chewers. Our treats come in different lengths, as well as interesting shapes like Braided Bully Sticks or Curl Bully Sticks to offer your Pup challenge and novelty.

All of our dog treats are sourced from premium-quality, grass-fed cattle, so they will provide both nutrition and hours of entertainment for your Pup!

Good question! Our company was created by meat experts and dog lovers who share a commitment to high quality. Our mission here at Awardog is to provide premium-quality dog treats that will be healthy, safe, and nutritional for your Pup – and also fun and tasty too!

All our treats are sourced from the finest suppliers and NEVER include artificial ingredients, added hormone, antibiotics, or chemicals. They’re processed in a USDA Human Grade Certified and Inspected facility, and then each treat is hand selected to ensure quality and consistency.

Since our treats are all-natural and 100% digestible, they are an ideal alternative to rawhide bones.

Here at Awardog, we pride ourselves on cooking up all-natural treats for our Pups, sourcing our ingredients from the finest suppliers. Many of our treats are made of just one single ingredient, like our bully stick treats made of 100% beef muscle.

Other vendors are known to imitate natural chews with manufactured products that cost less but contain artificial ingredients and/or unsafe chemicals. Some brands have even been known to wash their treats in chlorine or other chemicals to disguise the unnatural look and smell of a poor-quality product.

In contrast, our treats contain only all-natural, premium ingredients that are processed in USDA Human Grade Certified and Inspected facility and chosen by hand to ensure quality. Our mission as meat experts and dog lovers is to create treats that Pups will love and owners will be proud to serve their four-legged best friends.

When you love your Pup and want to give them only what’s best, it can be hard to know which treats to choose and which to avoid. Some Pups, especially young puppies, can be excitable and prone to want to eat quickly, which could lead to potential choking hazards. Unfortunately, rawhide chews have been known for this – they can splinter and/or not fully be digested causing blockages in a dog’s digestive system.

Our AwarDog all-natural bully sticks are a safer alternative to rawhide. They are 100% digestible and come in a variety of thicknesses so that you can choose one that’s a good consistency for your Pup’s chewing habits. All our treats are sourced from the highest quality, premium-grade ingredients, so they will support your Pup’s health while satisfying their desire to chew.